How Type 2 Diabetes Can Have An Impact On The Family and Loved Ones

Listen to our podcast that addresses some of the unanswered questions that families of those with Type 2 diabetes might experience

January, 2021


When people are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes care provision is tailored to that person, but for those that are close to the person with diabetes, things may not be quite so simple. Like any chronic condition, Type 2 diabetes can have an impact on the family, loved ones and carers of the person who has the illness. There may still be some unanswered questions around how the loved one, or carer, can offer support.

Listen to our latest podcast with diabetes expert, Dr Kevin Fernando, Leading GP with an interest in diabetes, and Dr John Mottram, Clinical Director PCN Merseyside as they discuss how Type 2 diabetes could have an impact on the family or carers, and the potential challenges loved ones might face.